Italy or France?

So I spent a lazy day at home, (which are usually rare for me,) pondering my potential au pair locations. I went to Europe– London, Paris, and Rome– in 2005 with a student group. So today I decided to reminisce and watch the video that was made from the trip. Just as amazing as when I was there.

Europe is calling me. I know I was meant to live there… at least for a portion of my life.

It is incredible how much time you can spend on the internet researching. The hours flew by as I stared at my laptop unfolding the possible adventures I could take next year. Currently, I am seriously talking to a family who lives just outside of Paris. Right now, I believe they are the front-runners. However, I have been in contact with a family in Italy. Now,  I have always loved Italian food and culture and when I went to Rome I fell completely in love with it. So naturally, getting a chance to au pair there would be incredible. However, I know less about the family and that makes me hesitant. My friend has been au pairing with the family in France so I know it is a safe situation. Also, the opportunities to explore Paris and the surrounding areas seem like they are very accessible.

Spending the day researching places to travel and possible excursions from Paris was quite enjoyable. It makes me more and more anxious to go. Is this really going to happen?

Decisions, decisions…


What's your thoughts?

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