France it is.

1:36 am. Still awake. Why? Because I am obsessed.

I just got off Skype with my dear friend in France. Can my 9 months just start now? I know if may seem fast that I decided but France has always been the one on top. If I go… I am going to France.

Today I had a long convo with my parents. My mom loves me dearly and would hate for me to be gone a year. A year. It does seem long doesn’t it? But I can do it… right? When I was talking to my friend she said most people stay for the school year–9 months. Now that doesn’t seem too bad. Yes, I do realize that is only 3 month short a year but it doesn’t sound so scary. I am afraid to leave everything I know. Everything is safe. Most importantly the people I love. I would hate if anything changed what I have right now.

But I want to grow up. I want to be independent. I want to try something new and not be afraid.

I honestly think I will love it when I am there. I wouldn’t be surprised if I wanted more. It’s just the initial umpf that I need. I think I am going to do it.

Ok France… here I come… well in 8 months….

My New Home?


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