Two HUGE Opportunities

So here I was worried about what I was going to do when I graduate. And now I actually have the able to decide between two incredible opportunities.

I absolutely love where I work. It has been the best experience and I really could not ask of much more in a job. It is in my field and it is such a reputable corporation. Well  I am currently just doing an internship and due to their budget, they were not hiring… or so I thought. Come to find out, one of the division assistants may be resigning and my boss want to know if I as interested in the position!!! Now it is not for sure, but wow! They are interested in keeping me on. SO AMAZING.

But wait… wasn’t I supposed to move to France? Yeah…. yeah, I was. So what do I do now? Have a opportunity to live in a new country that I will probably never get to do. Or the opportunity to work for the corporation I have worked towards all of college.

I just don’t know.


What's your thoughts?

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