Always on my Mind

So I still haven’t completely made my decision. But of course, I am still leaning towards France. I just got pulled into my boss’s office and found more details about the job I would have if I stayed. Administrative Assistant. I can’t get over that. I mean I may be overzealous but I am graduating with a management degree. Meaning in essence, I should be able to graduate and go into entry-level management.

I have always wanted to be an event planner. But I also have always known I want to be a wife and mother. Those two things, as I have seen in my experience, do not go very well together. So while I am young and single I want the opportunity to travel, have a hectic schedule, be stressed, etc. Not sit at a desk 8 to 5 hoping for a promotion in a couple years.

This isn’t the only reason France is calling me though. It is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity. I mean when can you just move abroad for a year. I want to grow, I want to experience, I want to learn. I feel like if I chose to move abroad it will be the biggest learning and growing experience I could ask for. Staying here is the safe thing to do and I am ready to take risks. I am ready to try my wits taking care of two little boys and living on my own. I am ready to immerse myself in a new culture. I am ready to travel the world.

My mom keeps telling me to talk to people and I can honestly say next to no one says to stay here. Everyone says to just go. When am I ever going to have that opportunity??

So here I am. Still contemplating the next move.


What's your thoughts?

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