Coco Chanel: Classy and Fabulous

The amazing woman herself, Coco Chanel

I am currently reading The Gospel According to Coco Chanel and although I am not even half way through the book, I am in complete admiration.

What an incredible woman!

I like to think if I lived during her time that we would have been friends.  She had a drive that allowed her to do what she wanted no matter what. Chanel was known to be liar. If she didn’t like her past, (which she didn’t because she was a poor girl whose father abandoned her and her mother died at a young age). Now not that I am supporting lying, I admire her strength to go on. She had incredible mind over matter abilities. She created Coco Chanel. Self-invention. She created the person she became. She took what she had, which was nothing, and created an icon out of it. Her persistence never faltered and to this day people are still wondering if there are even true stories about Chanel out there.

Coco Chanel knew who she wanted to be and was not going to let anyone change that. Her quotes are filled with bluntness and her true character shines through. When ever I read this book, I feel like I am sitting down with Coco Chanel at lunch for a bit of advice. Quite a nice break in an 8 hour work day.

For women, it’s a must-read. Take an hour of your day and get to know this fabulous woman–you wont be disappointed.

“How many cares one loses when one decides not to be something but someone.” -Coco Chanel


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