Juile & Juila: Another way to view France without being there

So as you can tell, I am completely and utterly obsessed with everything French. This how I spend all my free time. This weekend I went home to spend some quality time with my parents…. and of course to get pampered by my mom. All I did was eat delicious food and relax.  Perfect weekend.

But, I must add in, France was also a guest this weekend. I bought some more travel books, (one of which was Clotilde’s Edible Adventures in Paris and I highly recommend it–cannot wait to try her picks). Watched some Rick Steve’s travel videos. And topped it off with watching Julie & Julia.

The idea of living in France consumes me. I don’t know if any of you, (I say you, but is there a “you” out there? Is anyone reading?) have planned a vacation but I seem to be in the countdown mode. All I can think about is that new chapter in my life. What is it going to be like? Will I like it? Will it be worth it?

Well, I can’t really answer all the questions but I do know one thing. I am going. I am taking the leap. One year in France. I dont know why people dont do this more. I feel like we are so caught up in doing the right thing. Go to school, graduate, get a job, have a family. Well I believe people should mix it up. So many people I talk to say “Oh how amazing! I wish I could do that!” Why dont you?? There is a wonderful world of possibilities so go out and get them. I may be naïve but I dont care. I am here to experience life. Why else are we here on this Earth?

I have a feeling I will do great things in my life but I also feel like I wont get there just sitting here. I have accomplished many things but I am ready to see the world. And I am ready for them to see me.


One thought on “Juile & Juila: Another way to view France without being there

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