Time is Ticking.

36 more days.

Thats it. Just a little over a month and my world is changed forever.

Sometimes there are days I am so excited and other days– especially when I look through a calendar– I get so much anxiety. I am leaving everything I know and love behind. That is the scary part. I have no fear, (well maybe a little) of moving to a new place–the going isn’t the problem, it’s the leaving. The fear of leaving and life going on here. All my friends, all the memories. And yes, I know my life is going to be full of new friends and new memories but it is hard. I love my life here and I love the people in it. There is truly no place that can compare to San Diego in my heart and I know I will be back. It is just scary.

A year. So much changes in that time. I have never been one to stay in very good contact with those who are not around me. However, this is obviously one of my huge goals for the next year ahead. I WILL NOT lose the ties I have made. They have become my family. It is just so weird because I know life goes on. I know people who leave are soon just a “oh yeah, I miss her.” I just hope that doesn’t happen.

Ok, enough about my emotional issues. Lets move on to real issues. Getting a French Visa is ridiculous. There is so much red tape with the French Government. I am leaving in a month and I am still in the process of getting my Visa. I have my ticket, signed my contract, and I am ready to go but I am feeling a little anxious about getting my proper documents.

I cannot believe I am doing this. I am so excited. My posts of anxiety and fear of losing things probably do not seem that way but I am. How many people can say that they looked fear straight in the face and did something they really wanted to do. The next year ahead will probably be the greatest and most adventurous of my life. I am ready to do this and I am not going to let a few sad thought get in my way.

“The key to change… is to let go of fear.” -Rosanne Cash


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