12 hours. 22 years of stuff.

Last week I  dedicated a day to cleansing. I went through 22 years of my things. One of the things I promised my mother before I left for France is that I would go through my room and everything I own. 6 bags of trash. 2 boxes of junk  and 5 bags of clothes to be donated. Everything in my room now has a purpose… whether that be something that reminds me of a memory or clothes I can’t seem to bring myself to get rid of.

It was a good day. But weird. This whole transition thing is strange. So many things in my life are changing. I am making huge decisions and sometimes it just gets overwhelming. The past few days I have been so anxious and stressed. Not good for summer. I am currently homeless, which sounded fabulous in my head before it actually happened. Over Spring Break it was awesome… but a week is different from a month or two. I feel like I don’t have a place. I don’t want to go live at home because I don’t have many friends there and there isn’t much to do. Whereas in San Diego I have everything I want… besides a place to stay. So all in all its kind of wearing on me. I think it’s a lot to do with the fact I am leaving. Whenever anyone talks about next year it is so weird to think I wont be here. I am really excited but ahhhhhhh! its scary to change your life!!!

31 more days.


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