Journey to the French Consulate

Me at Sorrentos Italian Market

I don’t know how many of you (I write like there is actually a group of you to talk to…) have dealt with the French government but let me tell you it is not an easy task. In attempts to get my au pair visa I have jumped through hoops and tied to break through all of this French red tape in my way. It all started months ago when I was corresponding with my family to get my au pair contract. I had to gather a bunch of paperwork and then send it to them so they could send me the contract so I could send it back so they could get it approved and send it back to me so I could get a visa… whew!!! So finally I got the contract and enrollment letter from my French language school and was ready to get my visa. My first experience with the French, although I was terrified to be denied, was surprisingly pleasant. After compiling all the other nonsense needed for my visa, 120 dollars, and a 220 mile trip later all I can do is wait for the French authorities to send me my visa. A little scary when I have 18 days left in this country. But I have faith.

Today wasnt all about the crazy French though. My dad and I had an awesome time together. We went to this little Italian market called Sorrentos. I have gone there since I was in a stroller. Nothing has changed. The mixture of smells of fresh meatballs and crispy bread loaves fill the air and Italian food treasures line the walls. The market is so packed you could spend an hour in there and not see all the goodies it holds. I got the same thing I always do–a meatball sub, extra cheese of course, and a chocolate cannoli. Just as delicious as I remembered.

I also got some euros today. Not much to say on that other than I hate the fact the American dollar is weak.

Today was a good day. It is days like these that I don’t feel like I am wasting the rest of my days here…

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