101 Things in 1001 Days

A while back, I had come across the Day Zero Project. It seems people all over the world were sitting down and thinking about things they want to do in their life. Now, I have never been one to believe in New Year’s Resolutions since lets be honest, usually just end up being more of an idea rather than an action that is actually completed. However, when I discovered all of these 101 Things in 1001 Days lists, I became very interested. I am a huge “To Do” list person. I love checking things off my list and gaining that sense of accomplishments. So creating a list of 101 things to complete sounded pretty awesome.

So I did. And here I am. I started the list quite some time ago and then somewhat let it sit there. The last few things that needed to be added to my list held me back from having a definite start date. However, to go with this new chapter in my life motif, I decided the start date will be the day I got on a plane to start my new life: July 12, 2010. Therefore, my list has to be completed by Monday, April 8 2013. Along side all my wonderful, (and not-so-wonderful) adventures abroad, I will be blogging as I complete my tasks. You can find a copy of my list here.

Because I just started blogging about this I need to briefly explain the things I have already completed.

Sunset in Biarritz

#6 Watch a sunrise: completed when Callie and I got into Biarritz way too early for our hangovers and lack of sleep. Just in time for a sunrise on the beach though!

#22 See a movie in 3D: went and saw Toy Story 3. Loved it. Cant go wrong with Toy Story, right?

#32 Graduate with at least a 3.0: done! Graduated with a 3.22!

#84 Try yoga: Went with my best friend Kelly to 24 hour fitness. I absolutely loved it. I want to do it regularly now. The only problem: my au pair salary!

#93 Go on a train: completed on my way to Biarritz. Read about it here.

#94 Stay in a hostel: Completed in Spain. Read about it here.


What's your thoughts?

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