Growing Up

Sometimes, you have to be apart from people you love. But that doesn’t mean you love them any less. Sometimes it even makes you love them more. -Nicholas Sparks

A couple of weekends ago I got really sick… I am still somewhat recovering from my horrible ear infection. This was the first time I had no one to take care of me. I mean my family here did help out but its different. It actually was not all too bad. I still really didn’t get homesick but I did miss my mom. I miss the comforts of home.

This is just part of the growing up I am doing here. Like I have said before, I have always been independent and self-motivated, but I did understand that I needed to grow in a lot of areas of my life. I have always been comfortable and although taken risks, it has been in a familiar environment. Here, I have to be completely self-reliant. It has been a big change, but one I am enjoying so far. Sometimes I just want to not think and for it to be easy but then I remember that is not why I decided to do this.

I can’t believe I have only been here about 7 weeks. It has gone so fast but I feel like I have already learned so much. I can’t wait for what is to come but I have to take it day by day or I get overwhelmed.

I still don’t think I am homesick necessarily though. I cant explain the feeling. I know I want to be here but its different. Sometimes I would love if I could teleport myself home to see the people I love.

On that note, I bought my ticket to go home for Christmas. I am so worried how weird it is going to be to go back. Dont get me wrong, I am so excited but I don’t want to say bye again to everyone I had such a trouble with the first time. Ah, its ok I have like 4 months to go!

London post to come soon 🙂


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