1 Step Forward, 10 Steps Back.

I finally got a car. One of my huge frustrations here is being so isolated. I mean I seriously live in the sticks. I wish I was exaggerating, but it is a serious journey to get to civilization. So when I finally got a car after waiting several months I thought it would make it a lot better. And in theory it really would… if it worked.

Today marks the fourth day I have been able to drive my car. It also marks the death of it. Yes, my fabulous new car is sitting in a car park in St. Germain because it just couldn’t do it anymore. If only I could retire after 4 days of work!

Through the 4 months I have been here, I am really starting to understand the high turnover rate of au pairs. This job is definitely for the thick-skinned. Little to nothing goes right and I surprisingly have pretty unfortunate luck. However, as shitty as things get I appreciate what it has taught me. I get irritated but I am honestly so much more easygoing because I realize that things don’t go your way and being upset about it isn’t going to help. I actually find my situation quite humorous. I prepare so much for the unexpected, (well know I guess it has turned into the expected,) and it really pays off. I manage to get myself out of pretty sticky situations. You try driving in a foreign country in a wind-up toy car that just loses all power in the middle of driving– and when it just can’t go on anymore… finding a car park and the next bus home.

Moral of the story: when things get shitty, you get smarter and more resourceful. Never in a million years would I have thought how easy I can roll with the punches. C’est pas grave.

Although, I am seriously starting to wonder when something will just be what it is supposed to be.


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