C’est la France

Aggie and I went into Paris on Saturday because we wanted to do some touristy things like the catacombs. I always fall in love all over with Paris when I decide to be a tourist for a day. The city is magnificent and with even living here for 7 months there is no way to see it all. Anyways, I wanted to purchase a Metro ticket that I could use all day, (here, if you are under 26 you can purchase a ticket and go in and out of the Metro for one price rather than getting a ticket each stop). Seems simple enough, right? Nope. Please note the reoccurring theme of my many blog posts… nothing is easy in France.

I went to the machine to buy a ticket like usual. Everything went fine… until the end when a ticket is supposed be printed. Nothing happened. I was annoyed but though there would be a simple solution by explaining the situation to the woman at the ticket counter, (strange I still think that things can be simple, I know, I need to learn). I went up and explained my situation, in French nonetheless to make sure she understood what happened. She walks over with me to the machine and checks it out. After about 15 minutes of examining the information on the screen and the card i used to pay, she looks at me and says the numbers dont match. However, as I stare at the screen and my card I look at her and say, “même chose” or “same thing.” The numbers matched exactly. After some convincing, which seems unnecessary because there was clear proof, we were on the same page.

At this point, she explains to me that she has nothing to do with the machine. Apparently the solution is she needs to write down my name and address on a scrap piece of paper she had found in her unorganized mess of a desk and then I will be mailed a reimbursement. Ok. Can someone please explain to me how that makes more sense or is easier than just printing me a new ticket?

I had to buy another ticket. Now a metro ride has cost me 14 euros and a hour of frustration. C’est la France.


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