When “just one year” turns into something more…

One year. That was it. And before I came even that was hard to say. I would try to convince myself, “oh, it will be more like 9 months.” The thing was I was terrified. And now, everything has changed.

As some of you may have followed my epic internal battles of what to do with my life, you know that I have decided I want to stay in Europe… and well, this is no easy feat for an American. After countless hours of job searching, I started to search the sad possibility of settling for a job that would be in my field–like teaching… or worse, another year of au pairing. I was looking everywhere and really was not too set on any requirements because lets face it, beggars can’t be choosers.

One day in the midst of my eternal job search, I found myself complaining about my situation to my mosaic teacher. She is truly one of the coolest people I have met here, which is probably due to the fact I want to be her. Anyways, she used to be in my field, (not before traveling the world and learning a ton of languages, of course), and became an event planner for France, then eventually an international event planner. During our discussion of our common interests and career goals, she mentioned she had a group friend that is the managing director for an event/travel company and she wouldn’t mind passing on my résumé. Of course, I jumped on the offer. For months I had been updating my résumé and finally wanted to send it out into the world.

My mosaic teacher pulled through and did what she said she would. In no time, I heard from the women who managed the company, (we will call her M). M was interested in me and wanted to meet for an interview. Right off the bat, I was in shock. This woman knew I was American. For the past couple of months I had beat over the head with the fact it will be impossible to find a company willing to sponsor an American. But M knew this and was still interested. We set an interview and needless to say it went incredible. M was hesitant with my level of French, but impressed with my experience and passion for the industry. Even them though, I was skeptical about how this would all turn out. I couldn’t believe that I just had a job interview, in Paris, for a company I was extremely interested in working for. She basically wanted to give me the job then but after careful reflection realized I was obligated to my family I au pair for and I need to improve my French.

However, a few weeks later everything changed. The woman currently managing the account I would be taking over decided to leave the company for personal reasons and now there is a sense of urgency in hiring me. That’s right… a real job offer.

My life has turned upside down.

So now, I am now in the process of wrapping my head around staying in France for… who knows how long. I just accepted my first, real, “big girl” job after college. In a foreign country. My head is spinning. I have so much to cross of my to- do list. And to be honest, dealing with French administration is never simple. When I can stop being overwhelmed for a minute though, I am so excited. I made it happen when a lot of people doubted me. Which, I have to admit is completely logical. Like I have said, getting an actual job in something you want to do is nearly impossible for an American in the EU.

Some may see my stubbornness as a problem but hey, gets me my dreams right?


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