My Life in Fast-Forward

I think God sat on my life remote. And his right ass cheek is on fast forward. Honestly. Something, somewhere, a great deal larger than me decided to catapult my life in to super speed.

No complaining here. Just saying.

Here I was enjoying my care free life (and when I say life I mean my weekends…) and now all the sudden I am in the whirlwind and I literally do not have enough time in a day to finish everything I need to do. Although a bit overwhelming, I am quite excited. It makes me reminisce to a time when I had a real life with my own needs and not those of an 8 and 4 year old boys.

So here’s the thing. I have less than two months to secure a work permit, a residence visa, and a studio; resign from my job; pack up all of my belongings and move; furnish my place; and the list goes on…. All this is doable of course. But you have to remember the ongoing theme in my life… C’est la France.

However, things to really be working out despite everyone’s negative outlook on my situation.  Most people look at me in disbelief, sigh, and manage to grumble, “good luck!” With the waves of the masses thinking my task was unable to be accomplished, I was quite scared. But, I have never let others get in the way of me getting what I want. This has worked out. I managed to secure a job, which was apparently an impossible feat for an American. And now, it seems I have found a studio. Apparently another impossible task for my budget. “You will NEVER find anything in Paris, let alone for THAT price.” So I guess my very own petite studio in the “belly of Paris” isn’t real. ha.

Moral of the story (aka. list of clichés): Never give up. Dont let others make you think things are impossible. Just because it is impossible for them, does not mean it is impossible for you. If you want something bad enough, make it happen.


What's your thoughts?

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