Je déteste mon école…

It is required for au pairs to be enrolled in language courses. Makes sense. Why else would I pick up and move to France? Obviously learning the language is a large part of why one becomes an au pair.

However, what I dont want to do is spend an absurd amount of money for classes that are not making me feel good about spending that absurd amount of money.

La Clef. My inadequate and disgustingly overpriced school. I HATE this place. Yes, I am using the word hate. There is a huge feeling of animosity that sweeps over me when I enter this “place of study” (and I use that term extremely loosely). Au pairs make next to nothing for pay and this school knows that. They also know they are the only school that offers French courses in the area. Supply and demand. Therefore, they find it necessary to not only over price their classes but also make them at inconvenient times. Problem 1.

Problem 2. I am sorry and this may sound extremely American but here I go…. If you are running an international school, I think having at least 1 staff member speak another language besides French it might be helpful. Someone like me, let’s say, knew no French coming here. Therefore, I am paying the school an exuberant amount of money to teach me. ok. good. on the same page. but wait, you need to know French to get anything done at the school…. hmmmm? I understand now, now that I have taken classes there and have a basic understanding of French why we would converse in French. But before, this doesn’t make much sense.

Problem 3. Hey La Clef. You are dealing with au pairs. You need to be flexible. A lot of us leave. A lot of us have families that demand we miss class. A lot of us get sick and need to miss class. These are all things that would be helpful to understand and sympathize with.

Problem 4. If I want to leave the country or get employed with a real job making it physically impossible to attend classes, my money should be returned. Plain and simple.

Problem 5. If you are going to charge that much for classes, perhaps you should make them worth it. Maybe I shouldn’t have to spend hours and hours outside of class to feel like I am learning French. There is probably one or two classes a month I feel like I get my money’s worth. Thank you.

Ok. I am sorry for all my bitching but I had to let out my frustration and complete hatred for this place. Nothing has been easy and yes this is France but c’mon people. I am paying you so much money. Try and be nice. Dont even have to be nice, lets just start with how about you teach me French?


What's your thoughts?

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