In the Labyrinth of French Administration

6 places. Yep. Count ’em. I have been 6 places. And 3 trips into Paris, (which I have to add is quite the journey from little ol’ Vaux).

I need to change the status of my visa. Seems simple enough? I knew it would be difficult and a long process but I had no idea that I would have been working at it for about a month and still have no idea where to start. I am starting to think this is like some kind of sick, life-size French board game. Got job- move ahead 5 spaces. Secured a studio in my budget- move ahead 3 spaces. Go to the prefecture- move back 2 spaces. Go to another prefecture- go back 2 spaces. Go to Le Centre de Miollis Demenage- go back 3 spaces. Go to the MOE (which was closed)- start over.

Some how this weird and twisted game has not got me down. So many people are asking why I am doing this. Well, to tell you the truth… I am stubborn. My mind is made up and I am going to make this happen. Is it because in the end I want to give the finger to France and say “haha??” Possibly.

I am starting to believe I may be the only American in the history of the world that wants to change my status. I am not someone who works for an American company that has a location in France. I am not someone who miraculously found a job for a French company while in the US and need to apply for a visa. I am a current resident of France. I am an American. I want to stay. I have found a job. I have all my paperwork. I have a place of residence. JE VEUX CHANGER MON STATUT DE VISA!!!!!

Oh la la la. C’est la France. 🙂


3 thoughts on “In the Labyrinth of French Administration

  1. Well, the key when dealing with the French administration is to be stubborn, so you should be good!

    Seriously, I feel for foreigners who have to deal with the préfecture.

  2. I have a few friends going through this right now and it definitely is an uphill battle.

    Don’t give up my dear, it CAN be done if you persist! 🙂

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