The Battle of the Dishwasher

I am very embarrassed to admit. Things have gotten petty. I am not one to usually take part in these sort of things. But I am also stubborn. Keep that in mind.

Let me give some background info before I describe the battle.

Au pairs have weekends off… well if they are lucky. We survive the week with looking forward to our glorious days off. Unfortunately this weekend I had to babysit. I actually don’t mind it too much because I really don’t have to babysit very much so I can’t complain. Plus, its easy.

Next point. My family does not, I repeat does not, do the dishes. Apparently, somewhere hidden in the contract I suppose, when I signed up to watch kids, I also signed up to be a permanent dishwasher. This is really irritating. But doable. During the week. When I am working.

This weekend, Aggie and I came back to Vaux early Saturday evening to relax a bit before I started work. We noticed the dishwasher was clean and full… and probably had been for a while. I didn’t think much of it. That night when I was making the kids dinner I noticed it had not been unloaded. And some dishes, of course were left for me in the sink. Hmmm. Nope. Not going to do. I cleaned our mess as well as the kids and went to bed.

Today is Monday morning. There are NO clean dishes to be found in any of our cabinets. Why? Dishwasher is still full. Three days to unload one dishwasher. This blows my mind. I unload and reload this damn thing about twice… A DAY.

Why not leave it for the slave? Well because the slave has officially reached her pissed off point. Shit is going to stay there all week if it has to.

I am done. 26 more days. Just 26 more days.


2 thoughts on “The Battle of the Dishwasher

  1. I think they just assume you’ll take care of it. Unfortunately, when you start doing something that’s not in your job description, people are quick to assume it’s your job from now on.

    Annoying, I know.

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