Bitter Sweet

My little monsters

I have been so focused on the chaos and uncertainty in my life that I forgot one fact that is certain. I am officially done with being an au pair on April 30th. I am quite excited to get a normal life back. Honestly, being a full-time mommy at the age of 22 to kids that aren’t yours isn’t my dream job. Big surprise, huh?

That being said… I love these little guys. They drive me insane and I realize I do my fair share of complaining, but the matter of fact is, they have been my life for the last 9 months (yep, 9 months as of the 13th). Everyday has been devoted to the care of these two boys.

As happy as I am to move on, I have to admit it is going to be hard to say good-bye. I have a week left with them after I get back from Ireland. I can’t believe it. I am happy to give up the responsibility, the endless clean-up of caca, the crying, the fighting, etc…. but I have to say I will miss cuddling with Monkey and all the silly times playing with V. I have had my fair share of love and laughs with these two.

Good-byes are going to be tough. Bitter sweet. Happy to move on but sad to leave the good things behind.


What's your thoughts?

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