Well Hello Again World!!!!

Where have I been? Honestly. I do not know why I have not been writing. I think it is a combo between the fact I have been incredibly busy and that I no longer can use an American keyboard very easily (damn French taking over my brain). This is the disadvantage of living here… French keyboards are now my default and my level of English is severely deteriorating.

Anyways, what’s new…. Well France has decided to go into a heat wave. I had no idea what a baby the normally mild weather has made me. You know what? im sticking to the “it would all be ok if there was a beach around.” ๐Ÿ™‚

Everything else in my life is going great. I love my new place and the fact that I always have fabulous visitors. Unfortunately, I am losing some friends soon as their au pair-ship is over and they are returning to their homeland. This is pretty depressing but sadly part of the deal with being an au pair. It is kind of rare that you stay longer than a year so matter of fact is that people leave when they have finish their contract. The cool thing is you meet people and make friends with people who you probably originally wouldn’t. In my group of friends here, we were all so different but we were a family because we were all we had in this crazy experience that we were going through. I know that all of them will all have a special spot in my heart, yeah yeah I know I am mushy, but it is going to be harder than I thought to say bye to people who were ย  my temporary family for a year.

This bring me to yet another start of a new chapter. I am living here. My life is here now. It isn’t temporary anymore and has no expiration date in sight. I have a big girl job and I have my own place. I have to do grocery shopping, my own laundry, and pay rent on time. This is real life, (contrary to all of you who think I’m just gallivanting around Europe… which well yeah im doing that too ๐Ÿ˜‰ ).

So now I am off into the scary world of finding new friends. Like a new kid at school. 1st day is always the hardest and then you look back and laugh at all those awkward times you had and how far you have come. I am not scared but I am excited to see what is ahead. I have managed to jump over all the hurdles I have been thrown so far so this can’t be much harder.



What's your thoughts?

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