Coucou 2012!

It’s cliché but I have to say it… where does the time go? I have been in France for a year and a half. and now… IT’S 2012!! Yikes.

I am starting this year off right. I have finally received my work visa. Something I haven’t really delved into for various reasons on this blog but know it was the most awful thing I have had to go through administration wise… and well, stress wise. However, without struggle there would be no progress. Because it was such a difficult thing to do, I am even more grateful now. Sorry for the preaching moment–but seriously, be persistent and work you ass off and you can get what you want.

Other than loving the fact I no longer need to stress about my legality, I have been focusing most of my energy on plotting out my travels for the year and playing with my new camera. So far on the list: Copenhagen, Venice, Thailand, the Alps, Budapest, Prague… and plenty more in the works. I am trying to be diligent in planning because during high season at work (May through September), I really have no time for travel. However, this means during those months I can store up holiday and take a while off after it’s over. I think in October and November I will journey to South America for a bit. That is the plan at least… we will see how it goes.

And after all this madness? San Francisco. I have spent too long away from my family and the beaches of California. Being abroad has allowed me many incredible experiences and has also opened my eyes to a lot of things–one of those being that as awesome as experiences can be, your family and the ones you love matter most. I have valued last year and I know I will value this one, but I miss my family. It is hard not being able to see them when I want or even call them when I want. I know I will always be filled with wanderlust and I have no idea where life will take me, but I do feel like it is time to go home after this year…

…at least for a bit 🙂


One thought on “Coucou 2012!

  1. Coco, I just spent the last hour catching up on your blogs and pictures. It was pure fun and entertainment, as well as educational and insightful. You have a knack for writing and a great eye for photography. With your new camera, I can see where you are now posting photographs instead of snapshots.

    Mom and I also like the fact you have your priorities; family first, then everything else. That is excellent!

    I always enjoy your blog. It makes me think, reflect, and SMILE! Sometimes I even laugh!

    We are proud you are ‘legal’, but sad to think of another year of you being 6000miles away. We are glad you are happy and living your dream. We are so proud.

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