9 to 6 is overrated.

My life is pretty awesome—I will not and can not argue that point. But I do have to suffer through the mundane tasks that every does no matter where they live. Yes, I realize that I shouldn’t complain because my months are sprinkled with weekend trips to different European countries and at any given moment I can walk the streets of Paris freely. I see that. I appreciate that fully. However, it does not erase the same pain someone in the US (or anywhere in the world) feels sitting behind their desk, staring at their computer, listening to their annoying co-workers as they shuffle through the 8 hours work day.

Right now it is worse for me because it is low season which means work is slower than usual and most of my tasks have to do with preparing for the season, translating, or creating things for the database. Not the usual action-packed, stressful environment I thrive in. In a few months I realize I will be thrown into a whirlwind and everything will be ok. I need to be grateful for this down time and the ability to take a bunch of time off. I get it.

But here I sit. Staring at the clock. I swear the minute hand is actually going backwards…


One thought on “9 to 6 is overrated.

  1. This is the Yin and Yang of life. The pleasure and the pain, the happy and sad, etc… You must endure some of the mundane, tedious moments of life/work to fully appreciate the magic life has to offer. Everything is relative. Therefore, you will have greater appreciation for the things you have worked for and waited for, as opposed to things that are just given to you – that is not to say you do not like things given to you, but rather I think you appreciate things more when you earn them.

    Work is a necessary evil, even if you truly enjoy your job, there is always something you could be doing you would probably enjoy more. Even people with “dream jobs” need a break. So, if you follow the Yin-Yang concept, there is some pleasure in work, and some work in the pursuit of pleasure. Also, the amount of pleasure is equal to, or greater than the amount of work you have done to obtain such pleasure. For example, working 50 weeks in order to get a 2 week vacation; saving pennies to spend dollars; skipping lunch so you can fully enjoy a gourmet dinner.

    Then again, I could be totally wrong.

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