Thailand Dreaming: Week 5 Indie Travel Challenge

So I have been insanely busy lately and have only been in my flat long enough to get some sleep. Therefore, my writing has suffered. I am going to play catch up the next couple of days. I have over 700 pictures to be downloaded and edited and at least 5 stories brewing in my head (I haven’t even posted my Copenhagen story yet!) I hopefully will post BootsnAll Indie Travel Challenge Week #5 and #6 today and the rest will follow… J’espere…

The prompt for Week #5 was :

If you’ve never been to Asia, tell us about your dream trip in the region. Would you rather find your own paradise among the Thai Islands, or shop for crazy Harajuku fashion in Japan? Are the uncrowded temples of Burma calling you, or are you dreaming of a visit to China’s Great Wall?

I was quite pleased when reading the prompt for this week. It was only hours before reading the prompt that I booked my tickets to Thailand. Very fitting, right?

I have never been to any Asia region and didn’t think that I would have the opportunity to go anytime soon. However, one of my oldest friends and I share a common passion of travel and I have found that we are pretty good at making things happen. Back when he came to visit for a long weekend several months ago, we threw around places we want to go in the future. Thailand, among many others, was on the top of both of our lists. What seemed like a distant and crazy plan, we said we would go someday.

Well, here we are. March 7th through the 18th. Chiang Mai through Bangkok and down to Phuket. It is actually happening.

I still am in shock. To me, Thailand always seemed like a dream, an unreachable paradise, and in a month I will be trekking through the jungles of the North, scurrying through the busy streets of Bangkok, and sprawling out on the beaches in the South. Staring out my window to snow-covered ground, gray skies, and negative temperatures… the idea of Thailand seems even further away.

Although I would love to spend this post bragging about all the cool things I am going to do, I have to say life has kept me away from my Thailand guide books and travel websites. I don’t normally plan a lot before taking a trip since I prefer to just experience the destination, but I feel like this needs to have a bit of a skeleton to work around. I have to admit—I am having some anxiety. Not like me before a trip, but I feel frantic that nothing has been put in the works. It just seems there is so much to see and do that I am overwhelmed…

For anyone who has been to Thailand, suggestions are welcome 🙂

Photo by vichie81


One thought on “Thailand Dreaming: Week 5 Indie Travel Challenge

  1. Congrats on booking your trip! Thailand is the most magical place. I was just there in July, and I would go back any second.
    I didn’t plan anything with the trip either, just the flights in and out of Bangkok and all went well. No need for the anxiety. 🙂 It’s very easy to get around and the people are the friendliest in the world. You are going to have an amazing time!

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