For My Mom and a Good Cause

Hello my lovely Readers!

This is a first for me but I wanted to help and support my mom. She has recently decided to participate in the Susan G Komen 3-day walk. Her goal is to raise at least 2,300 USD and I wanted to spread the word.

It is a is a 60-mile walk over the course of three days. Net proceeds from the 3-Day are invested in breast cancer research and community programs. Any little bit helps 🙂

For more info please go to this link:

To donate, click here

If you cannot donate, please help spread the word. This is a wonderful cause and a great event to support. Thank you in advance!


One thought on “For My Mom and a Good Cause

  1. Thank you for supporting your Mom! It is for a very good cause. It would be great if you used your blog, social media, and other internet connections periodically over the next six months to help mom raise money to reach her goal.

    You did a great job linking to her site.

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