Venice and I had an instant love connection. Just seconds after arriving on the island, I knew this destination would rank among the top cities I have been to. The sun was shining and the bright blue skies reflected in the water that was filled with ornately decorated gondolas. Venetian masks hung from the stands lining the streets. Hints of Carnival could still be seen in the confetti wedged into the crevices of the cobblestones. The city is a maze of little alley ways each leading you to another beautiful scene—squares filled with gelato stands and cafés or small bridges overlooking a row of docked boats. I knew in an instant that 3 days was not going to be long enough to satisfy my need to explore Venice.

I found myself in awe just meandering the streets. I felt like I couldn’t take enough pictures to capture the admiration I was feeling for the city. Most of the time I spent in Venice was just exploring the city without much of an agenda. The city was small enough to be able to familiarize myself with it and feel comfortable navigating it in a few days. We wandered over Rialto Bridge and into Campo San Marco many times but also enjoyed the lesser known areas. It helped the weather was phenomenal. When compared to the eternally gray and gloomy Paris, it was basically perfection.

One thing I took advantage of was Venice’s “metro” system—water buses. Although the ticket seems a bit steep at 6.50€ a pop, when compared to the water taxis and gondolas, you are in for a treat. Here’s a tip—buy a single trip ticket and ride line one from beginning to end. You will be able to have your very own water tour of Venice without breaking the bank.

I am already planning my next trip. If I can figure out a way to move there for a bit I would love to do that too. I need more time with Venice—this trip was just a tease.

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4 thoughts on “Venezia

  1. Wow! It really looks amazing there. You words describing the city show your passion for it; they painted pictures in my eyes before I saw the pictures. That is a talent!

    I am fascinated with the city and would love to visit one day. I want to know more of the history, the building of the city, the art,… everything!

    How were the people? the food?

    Iwant more pictures!

  2. It’s years since i’ve been in Venice, it’s great reading travel blogs like this and being able to rekindle those memories… I’ll always remember Piazza San Marco in Venice and the west facade of St Mark’s basilica and the Pigeon ‘stampede’ I may have created around me!! Wonderful memories…

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