Wanderlust Wednesday

I wanted to create something that got me to publish posts on a more regular basis. Unfortunately I feel lately I have been quite sporadic. I need a challenge. So I am going to try this out.

This is partially inspired by my dad. Recently, he had asked me to send him a picture for one of his projects and it had me searching through 1000s of images I have taking up space on my hard drive. It was so fun to look back on the adventures this year. Some were random shots I took from my window while others were taken miles away from home.

Either way, they were good to reflect on and the flood of memories spiked up my endorphins. So it may be a completely selfish challenge but I think a good one. I hope you enjoy my pictures and maybe get a little inspiration of your own to see the beauty this world has to offer.

Happy Wanderlust Wednesday!

San Sebastian, Spain July 2010


2 thoughts on “Wanderlust Wednesday

  1. Love the idea. You know, beauty, knowledge, love, all emotions, are wasted if they are not shared. I think this is an excellent method for sharing.

    I am excited to see the pictures you select.


    • Coco, What a great idea. I’m not sure what I enjoy more – your stories or your pictures. Both, equally I guess. You are just as talented with the camera as you are writing. Good combination. You have opened my eyes to so many wonderful things and I have learned so much. Thank you!

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