Nuit Blanche Round Three ?

Nuit Blanche is  a term in French that more or less means being out all night. For example, when you grab a taxi at 8am but instead of being dressed in business casual you are in a mini skirt and heels with mascara smeared under your eyes, the driver will probably ask how your ‘nuit blanche’ was. Or when you get breakfast at 7am on Grand Blvds. after leaving O’Sullivans and the waitress greets you with ‘bonsoir’ instead of ‘bonjour,’ she is well aware of your ‘nuit blanche.’

Anyway, this takes a new form when Paris hosts a city-wide event called ‘Nuit Blanche.’ The city is suddenly awake all night and sprinkled with art. Museums stay open, exhibits hide in the city, and it seems every corner you turn there is piece of art. And even more positive, lines of the metro are open all night. The concept is cool and I still get excited every time I know it is coming up (it is this Saturday, Oct 6 this year).

However, this will now be my third and it has always been a bust. I do blame this mainly on me and my friends but I am scared to venture out again. Yet, I did it again. I checked out the website and my interest was sparked.

This year is based around the creative genius and director of the Pompidou center, Laurent Le Bon. Apparently, Le Bon is opening a new, usually inaccessible, and car-free route to walk the city from west to east. There will be Belvederes especially open for this event which is supposed to give awesome views of the Seine and the city.

I have to say I am quite excited for one exhibit in particular and I wont even have to leave my flat. There is a absolutely horrible construction project happening in Les Halles and I really think it will never be finished. It is ugly and noisy and makes me unhappy. However, on Nuit Blanche they are going to hang sculptures from the huge cranes to create a sort of Cadler-like mobile. Sounds awesome and I am happy they are incorporating the disgusting construction situation to the night.

I think I will have minimal expectations and utilize the open metros. Hopefully Nuit Blanche surprises me and pulls through this Saturday.

Check out more info in English here:

List of the open belvederes:

Complete program (in French):

Have you been to Nuit Blanche? What was your experience?

What's your thoughts?

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