Shopping, Pubs, and Fish & Chips: My Weekend in London

Last weekend I went to London with Callie and our friend Julia. I was really excited because for one, I had been to London before and loved it and for two, I hadn’t seen Jules in about 5 years. The bad part was I only had about 48 hours there. Callie and I left Friday night and just about everything that could make a trip more difficult happened. First of all, Sian had offered to take us into St. Germain so we didn’t have to deal with the bus because Callie had about 10 tons of luggage. This was very nice of her but we probably should have left  bit sooner. She dropped us off quite a bit away from the metro stop so we took about 10 minutes lugging the bags around St. Germain. Then we missed the train by about 2 seconds and sadly watched it speed away. The next train was going to be in 15 minutes so Callie and I were very scared that that would be pushing it. After we walked up and down stairs and escalators about 3 times due to the rapid changes in platforms, we decided that we needed to figure out another way to get to Gare du Nord in order to be on time for the Eurostar. We went up to the street and luckily found a taxi right away. However, from St. Germain to Gar du Nord is about a 70 euro trip– not money we wanted to spend. It was our only option though. Once we got to the Gare du Nord, we had to go through immigration. UK, by the way, is just as difficult to get into as the US! Geez. So we were rushing and stressed but made it through.

We got into London and Jules met us at the station. I was so excited to see her! It was also nice to have an extra set of hands for all the luggage. We made the trek to our hostel, Astor Museum Inn, which is right by the British Museum. Once we set down our things, we headed out to walk around for a bit. Unfortunately, the pubs in London close around 11 because the liquor licenses are apparently expensive and impossible to get after that time. Although the clubs were open, none of us were up for that so we just decided to walk around. However, after running into a convenience store and getting lectured on “this not being a good area” for about 20 minutes from the cashier, we decided to head back to the hostel and get some rest for tomorrow.

The next morning after breakfast at the hostel, we went to Primark. This is probably the greatest place on earth. For those of you who know me, understand I usually hate shopping. Not here. Primark is a famous stores that people actually come to London for. It has really cheap and adorable clothes. I found not only cute, but also useful clothes–two jackets! We spent quite a bit of time there! After our shopping spree, we headed to the Camden Market.

Part of the Camden Market

Camden Market is this giant street market with street vendors, food, vintage items, antiques, you name it! It is really neat because there are a lot of neat and unique things. The layout of it all is also really interesting. You go in and out of little alley ways and underground. There are these statutes and neat artwork everywhere. It is an awesome place to spend the day just walking around. I think one of the best parts was, as we were walking around, I stumbled upon a milkshake place! I have been craving a milkshake for at least 6 weeks so I basically started crying. We decided we would go there after having an actual lunch. We looked around all the food vendors and decided on mexican food! It was so crowded and no where to sit and eat so we decided to park it by the trash cans. Gross I know, but it worked. I couldnt even finish my burrito I was so excited for the milkshake! So we headed back up the the place and I finally got what I wanted. So happy!


After the Camden Market, we decided to go back to our hostel to freshen up, rest, and get ready for the pub crawl that night. After a few hours, it was time to get on the Tube and start the night. Callie has found an advertisement for the Pub Crawl at the hostel. We thought it would be a perfect way to see the nightlife. 12 pounds for 5 pubs/clubs and free drinks. Awesome. It was so much fun. I made friends with one of the guys who was a guide for the crawl, so there was no shortage of free drinks! It was neat to see all the different types of pubs and clubs.

Sunday morning I had to check out right after breakfast. I wanted to make the most of the day since it was my last. We really only had one item on our to do list and that was Church. This was Callie’s one and only request of the trip. The Church is this club open on Sundays from like 12pm to 4pm. People get dressed up in ridiculous outfits and there are different skits/activities for entertainment. The place gets so ridiculous that they can only sell things in cans and plastic bottles. Glass would be too dangerous. They give you a backpack to keep your drinks in because it is too crowded to keep going back and forth to the bar. It was seriously such a blast. It was nothing like I have ever been a part of. Anyways, before Church, we went to the British Museum. We didn’t have much time there but it was really neat to go just for a bit. The museum is free so that makes it even better! We got a chance to look at the mummy exhibit which I found extremely interesting. After out short visit we had to make our way over to Church. Before we went in though, we made time for some fish and chips. So delicious.

After Church, we had plans to go to a few different famous London places but we got somewhat sidetracked. We had met some people at Church and they were headed to Wimbeldon. Because none of us had been there, we decided to go. We ended up grabbing a few drinks before I had to go back to catch my train.

London went far too fast. And saying bye to Callie and Jules was tough. I’m excited for the next adventure but work this week is going soooo slow. Heres to living for the weekends….

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