Break Free

Breaking Free [Demo] from Matador Network on Vimeo.


I had to share this incredible and inspirational video I found during my daily reading of Matador. Enjoy.


Stuff I Read #1

I am an avid blog reader. I can’t even begin to tell you how many blogs I follow and have to skim through on Google Reader. I am pretty much obsessed with travel so when I am not doing it, I find myself researching the next trip or day dreaming as I read travel articles. The point is that I find some really cool stuff. And I usually share these things on Facebook but I feel that this is a better outlet. I want to start doing weekly, or bi-weekly posts on the “Stuff I Read.” I have no idea if this is interesting to any of you but I am truly fascinated by some of I see. I have to say I am a bit biased and although I try to balance the articles with general topics and travel, I lean a little towards Paris. So here we go. #1 of the series.

First up is this awesome video. Find the full article here. The videographer does an incredible job  and the subject matter is inspiring. I truly would love to volunteer abroad. Adding it to the bucket list.

Above and Below from Stefan Werc on Vimeo.

2. Real estate in Paris is ridiculous. And finding an apartment is basically impossible. You pay a s@#t ton for a little shoe box just so you can be in the city. This blog has some neat things that the writer finds in Paris. I thought this post, 13 858 € — Etonnant, Non?, was worth sharing.

3. Stop making excuses. Seriously. Need a push to help you break down why all those excuses are BS?? 10 travel excuses to not make in 2011

4. Fake villages. For training purposes, I guess I can wrap my head around it. For travel, I don’t ever see how this is a good idea… unless you are in Vegas.


5. Anti-begging campaign in Paris. Sarkozy is at it again.

6. George Whitman, past owner of the anglophone bookstore Shakespeare and Company, died at the age of 98 on Dec 14. For those of you who do not know about this famous bookstore, there is a fascinating history behind it. Starving, aspiring writers were welcomed to live in the bookstore. As stated in the article here, Whitman had “two things he loves most in all the world, books and people.” I feel like it is only write to honor him and spread the his story. He was a great man and I will always love the bookstore he brought to us.


7. Yes… another Paris related article!! I am sorry but I love this city. This is a video from David Lebovitz, the author of many books as well as a blog. He is funny and I love the way he describes Paris. One of the greatest things in this city is the markets. In this video he shows you firsthand what experiencing one is like. Then he makes a delicious meal.

Paris Market from David Lebovitz on Vimeo.

8.  Lastly, I saw this article about a new sort of social site (I guess that’s what I would classify it as). It discusses 2 new websites that use foursquare, the website people use to “check-in” to places, and shows were the most people are in real time. Modern technology people. Crazy.


That’s it for now. I should be sleeping so sadly I have to back away from the computer and stop my reading and writing. Bonne nuit à tous.