A Completely Different Girl

The "New" Me... as a Brunette

Today I dyed my hair. Nothing monumental, right? Wrong. For some odd reason going from my beautiful California locks of blonde to this dreary dark shade of brown has really depressed me. Yes I realize it is my natural color but ugh really? I know I sound like such a girl right now but I don’t think it is actually the fact I dyed my hair. I think it is the fact that things are changing to quickly right in front of me.

19 days. That’s right… just 19 days left in the only country I know. Dont get me wrong–I am excited beyond belief, but I am also more scared than I have ever been. I know that it will be the time of my life and I will never be the same after it. Which, in itself is the scary part… nothing will be the same. I love the life I have now. Amazing friends, amazing family, amazing place to live. So why change it right? Well surprisingly all of that is not enough to hold me back. I cannot wait to experience this next year. There is no way I can even wrap my head around how incredible this opportunity is going to be. I just can’t believe I am actually doing this. July 13th I will be on my way to my new home– leaving behind all that I have know and all that is familiar. I am taking a leap. And I am ready…

…I think.