My Year in Review

Its official. One year ago today I was landing in Paris and running into the arms of the girl who helped me get here. I had no idea what was ahead of me and I definitely had no idea what … Continue reading


It’s been ages since I have written and usually that only happens when I feel uninspired… but this time it’s because i have just been too busy living. That sounds weird or like i am bragging or like im too good for this blog, (doesn’t it??) That isn’t the case though.

I have been in France almost a year. And honestly it took that long to get what I want. I finally have everything I wanted. I am so happy. I don’t really have much to say in this post but it feels weird not to write. But it would also feel weird to sit here and go on about how awesome my life is right now. So this is all I got. A short little life update.

Life is good.

And for those of you wondering if you should just jump in the deep end even if you are scared s@*tless… do it. It will work out.