Can I Go Back?

This morning a few colleagues and I were talking in the kitchen about the wonderful weather June has brought us. It has honestly been winter since November with maybe 2 weeks of sun total. The only thing that got us through those tough months was the hope that summer would bring warmth and sunshine

Well. It’s June. No sun. No warmth. Just rain, rain, rain.

The last few days haven’t been too cold which causes another issue of humidity. Metro rides are not very pleasant in the first place but when it is hot and moist, it is a recipe for disaster.

Complaining was not the purpose of this post…

One of my colleagues compared the constant rain and humidity to the feeling we were in Bangkok. And I was struck with a flood of memories. I slowly looked up from my cup of tea and exclaimed, “yes, but Bangkok has sun and the people smile there.”

I miss Thailand. I miss it so much it hurts. I can’t help but let my mind wander to the days I spent there. I was ridiculously happy. Thailand is honestly my favorite place in the world. I just want to go back to my little hut in Pai and escape the world for a bit.

As much as I love Paris, I can’t live in a place without sunshine. It needs to step it up in the weather department or my future plans are truly going to start to sway to living somewhere else…

I am so excited [No French translation]

I think I overuse the phrase “I am so excited.” This realization came about when I floundered for French words to explain my emotion because the direct translation of it is far from what I mean. Part of me thinks it is because French people don’t get excited. Why have a way of saying something that doesn’t exist, right? Another part of me thinks it is because everything has to be complicated in this language. For example, I asked my colleague what the correct way to say how I was feeling and it actually turned into a 10 minute conversation. End result: no, there is no way to say I am excited just like you can simply say I am happy. Alors, je suis impatiente de prendre mes vacances…

When I sat down to write this post, I didn’t have the purpose to comment on language or cultural differences of the French (seems to turn into that quickly all the time though!). The true purpose of this post was to get my intense excitement down on paper and hopefully relieve some of the built up energy inside me. I want to scream. I cannot wait for the next few months. I am finally using my holiday to travel and not to visit home to fix visa issues. Not that home is a horrible vacation; I am just looking forward to getting to spend weeks traveling. I usually have to fit my adventures into a long weekend but now I get to actually take a proper holiday… a few actually!

And what is even better is I am going to places that have been on my dream list. I never could have imagined this year I would be traveling to a new continent. I have cut out pictures from travel magazines and carelessly day dreamed of the moment I would be sitting on the unmatched beaches of Southeast Asia. In two weekends, I will be snapping photographs of the infamous canals of Venice (and filling my tummy with delicious Italian food!). In just a few months, I finally will get to head more east in Europe and see the magnificent cities of Budapest and Prague.

It is too much to handle. I cannot believe how quickly everything is approaching. As a sacrifice, I know that I will be sitting at my desk during the busy summer months for over 40 hours a week while all the French vacate the city. But at least I will have pictures of my recent adventures to longingly gaze at!

So countdown.

8 days until Venice.
3 weeks until Thailand.
2 and a half months until Budapest and Prague.

Hey readers! Does anyone have any suggestions for these places? I would love to hear your thoughts if you have been to any of these cities. Thanks 🙂