Time Flies

It is absolutely incredible to me that around this time last year I was just starting to consider working abroad. Now I find myself searching website after website trying to find a reason to stay longer. I love it here. I mean, yeah, sometimes there are more hard days than easy ones but I think that is partly why I like it. I am growing and learning. I have this huge fear that I am just going to be stagnant if I go back home. Being stagnant isn’t me, so I am sure I would be fine, but I am not ready to be done with this chapter in my life.

I think people are starting to worry that I am not ever going to do the whole normal American 9 to 5 sort of deal. I will. I know I will one day succumb to the rat race. But honestly what is the hurry? I do want to work. I like working. I cannot wait to have a career in what I want to do, but I want to get international experience. That’s not too much to ask for right?

Apparently it is quite difficult. Like I said, I seriously spend hours on my computer trying to find a job here. Being an American kind of sucks when it comes to this… I have always been the type to make things happen so I have no doubt this will either. Just not sure how yet…


The downside of being American

I have spent the last two days, (lots of time for research when you are snowed in…) trying to figure out my next step. I want to stay in Europe a while longer. I also, being a somewhat workaholic, really miss having a real job in my field. I knew that getting a visa was not an easy task, however now it looks like it is near impossible. Apparently, in order to get a work visa anywhere in Europe, the company that hires you needs to prove that you are better qualified than… wait for it… any other EU citizen. Hmmm…. seems kind of like a daunting task, doesn’t it? Especially with the economy where it is at now…

This leaves me with two options: au pair or teach english. So am I ready for 6 more months or a year of a shit job? To me, staying in Europe is worth it.

But… is there anyone out there that can help me? Why can’t a qualified American get to live in Europe and have a real job?!?